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      Do lounges at your homes look dirty and need professional cleaning? Then, it is high time to hire a professional and add new life to your lounge. Contact us and hire our professional lounge cleaning Adelaide services. We at Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide offer the best lounge cleaning services across Adelaide and its surroundings. We work with the latest methods and technology to clean and sanitize your precious lounge. All our cleaning products are safe to use and have no side effects. We offer professional lounge cleaning services in both commercial and residential places.

      Need Leather Lounge Cleaning Services Adelaide, call us on +61480032128, and our lounge cleaners will be at your doorstep within an hour.

      Methods Used by Us to Clean Your Lounge Effectively

      There are several methods we use to clean your lounge and resolve your issues. The different lounge cleaning Adelaide methods are as follows:


      Lounge shampooing is one of the oldest methods used to clean the lounges in offices or homes. The professional lounge cleaning service providers use effective cleaning shampoo and high-quality vacuum cleaner to offer you the best possible result. The foam that is produced by the shampoo attracts the dirt particles within the fabric, and it is left to dry until the solution becomes dry and brittle. Later, this dried solution is vacuumed to remove the dirt from the lounge.

      Hot Water Extraction Method

      Hot water extraction is also known as the steam cleaning method. Professional lounge cleaning service providers offer this service to deeply and effectively clean lounges. The trained and qualified technicians use hot water to clean the lounges. The hot steam is sprayed with high pressure to clean the carpets and upholstery. The hot steam loosens the dirt present inside the upholstery and is extracted using a high-quality vacuum. The hot water even helps kill the bacteria, fungus, and dust mites present with the lounge, making it sanitized and safe for your loved ones.

      Dry Cleaning Method

      The professionals use the dry cleaning method to clean a lounge that is made up of water-sensitive material. The dry-cleaning powder is an absorptive material made with several types of solvents. The dry-cleaning powder is applied to the lounge using a special rotating machine and is allowed to sit for 20-25 minutes. Later, a vacuum cleaner is used to remove the powder along with dust and dirt. It is one of the quickest methods and is used for emergency lounge cleaning services Adelaide.

      The Steps We Follow While Offering You the Lounge Cleaning Adelaide Services

      At Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide, we offer the most effective lounge cleaning services Adelaide and its surroundings. Our professional technicians follow the below-mentioned steps to offer the best possible outcome:

      • First, our professional lounge cleaners use the latest technology, vacuum machines, and products to clean and sanitize your precious lounge.
      • At Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning, we use only green and eco-friendly cleaning solvents to effectively clean your lounge. These cleaning agents help in removing the dirt and allergens from the lounge.
      • We use a special agitator to deeply penetrate the cleaning solution into the lounge. The complete absorption of the cleaning solutions makes the lounge free from dirt, dust, and grime.
      • After this, we dry the lounge to eliminate the growth of mould and fungus on the lounge. We use special machines to reduce the drying time.
      • The final step is to groom the lounge fibers to enhance the appearance. We use special nourishing creams and moisturizers to improve the look of the lounge. We care about the safety of your lounges and use high-quality and best-in-class products.
      • We use special machines to rub the nourishing creams on the lounge. These nourishing creams are applied to serve as a protective coat on the lounge and make them look shiny and protect from future stains.

      Why Do you Need to Hire Us?

      When it comes to cleaning lounges in homes and offices without hassle, you need to hire a professional lounge cleaner. Below are a few reasons why hiring us is the best option to clean your upholstery:

      • We offer our clients a reliable lounge cleaning solution that has no side effects.
      • We care about the safety of the clients, thus we use eco-friendly products.
      • We offer prompt service to our customers and focus on customer satisfaction.

      To get the best lounge cleaning service in Adelaide, contact us immediately. Get superior professional lounge cleaning Adelaide services at the lowest price. At Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide, we offer exceptional lounge cleaning service in Adelaide and its surrounding.

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      How much does it cost to have a lounge professionally cleaned?

      The cost of professional lounge cleaning depends on various factors. Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide offers professional lounge cleaning services at a reasonable price. Want to know the cost? Call on +61480032128 and request a on-call quote.

      How frequently should I clean the couch?

      It is recommended to professionally clean the couch every 6-12 months. To schedule an appointment, call on +61480032128 now!

      Is it required to have professional clean sofas?

      Professional upholstery cleaners have years of experience, special tools, and products to effectively clean your upholstery. It even extends the life of the upholstery and ensures that they stay in their original condition for long.

      How long does it take for the lounge to dry after cleaning?

      On average, it takes around 8-12 hours to get the lounge dry and ready to use. Our technicians use special tools to accelerate the process of drying.

      Do you offer a quote before service?

      Yes! To know more about the services or to get an on-call zero-obligation, no-cost quote, call on +61480032128 now!

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