Remarkable Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide

      Your Upholstery is one of the biggest investments in your home and must be cleaned and maintained by our certified upholstery cleaners. At Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide, we have skilled and certified upholstery cleaning technicians, who know and provide all the recommended cleaning processes for all kinds of fabrics.

      Daily use of sofa or couch results in the build-up of dust, soil, stains, and even allergens get trapped in your upholstery. Our sofa cleaning in Adelaide can eliminate all these harmful health problems from all your upholstery furniture. Numerous factors determine the durability of your fabric couches, fibre content, colour, weight, and environment. Due to these variables, some fabrics need precise cleaning methods and procedures, for these reasons not one single cleaning method works to clean all fabrics.

      Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide service offers two unique cleaning processes for these particular requirements. It’s our knowledge of fabrics and experience of the industry, which sets us apart from the rest. Our specialized Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide process not only cleans your upholstery better than ever before, but also improves its appearance and can prolong the life span of your furniture.

      In this current health crisis COIVID-19, now is the best time to have your upholstery, sofa, and couch cleaned and disinfected for your family’s health and safety.

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        Why choose us?

        Adelaide-dwellers use upholstery, sofa, and couch more often. We understand that sofas, couches, and upholstery have to deal with a lot of wear and tear on an everyday basis. It faces a lot right from pets climbing over them to the kids making a mess. Upholstery can easily transform into a haven for germs, insects, bacteria, and allergens in no time.

        Professional Couch Cleaning Adelaideservices provided by Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide include tested and effective techniques for stain and dirt removal. Get your sofa, upholstery, and couch refreshed and sanitized by our specialised couch cleaner. We provide a couch, sofa, and upholstery cleaning for homes, and offices throughout Adelaide. No matter how tired, stained, or worn out your couch is looking, we can help. In addition, general deep sofa cleaning in Adelaideprotects the fabric of your valuables.

        Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning has been Adelaide’s largest and most trusted upholstery cleaners for nearly 25 years. We’re the ones you can trust to clean your dirty and stained lounge suites safely and effectively. Also, we provide guaranteed results, thus there’s no risk for you. We will not only get your upholstery looking its best; however, we will entirely sanitize it, getting rid of all odours and 99.9% of germs, insects, and bacteria. We always deliver friendly service and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all cleaning work. Our qualified technicians will visit your location, anywhere in the Adelaidearea. All you have to do is just give us a call!

        What are the Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide?

        Hygienically Cleaned: We vacuum all surfaces of your upholstery, sofa, and couch with our vacuum system to take away dust mites and allergens.

        Green and Eco-Friendly: The ultimate delicate environmental upholstery solutions and methods specifically target germs and body oil stains, yet safe for all members of your family.

        Removes Stains and Soiling: Our effective upholstery solutions are not only high-level in stain removal but suitable and appropriate enough for all types of fabric lounges.

        Fast Drying: Our upholstery dry cleaning system utilizes less moisture than other systems, leaving your upholstery dry within hours.

        Appears to be New Again: After the Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaideprocedure, all fabrics are deodorized and sanitized. You will be amazed after seeing the results.

        Besides, these other benefits you obtain by booking our professional couch cleaning in Adelaide:

        • Different cleaning methods depending on the fabrics of your sofa
        • Extends the life of your upholstery
        • Aftercare advice from an expert
        • stain-free treatment post cleaning
        • Affordable services with best deals and packages
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        You must clean upholstery and sofa regularly to keep them free from bacteria, germs, and bad odour. Also if you are having them cleaned at least once a year, it will extend their life and they’ll appear to look beautiful.

        Not so immediate but you will be able to use it on the same day. It will need approximately 4-6 hours to get dry completely after the service. You can open the windows to help with ventilation, or if possible even turn the AC on.

        Yes, avail of our services our technicians will help you provide fabric protectors. Give us a call at +61480032128 and feel free to request a quote from our operator or the technician on site.

        Don’t worry! We always take safety precautions. Our professionals at Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning are skilled and qualified and know how to perform the services without any destruction to your floors or other surfaces. We take proper precautions before and while performing the procedure.

        There are huge differences in how carpets and furniture are cleaned. For upholstery fabric, we cannot use too much water, the reason is it can cause mould, or bacteria to grow, or spread unpleasant odors. It can even cause the fabric to become soiled more swiftly in the future. Upholstery cleaning in Adelaide depends upon the type of fabric. Upholstery in general requires gentle handling and specific cleaning methods according to the fabric. Excess use of water in the cleaning process may even damage it.

        Most of the cleaning techniques remain unprofessional and leave cleaning agents or chemical residues that naturally attract soil. However, at Sofa Pro Upholstery Cleaning, we use the advanced cleaning solution and techniques on your upholstery. We then repeatedly rinse and extract the soil and waste rooted deep within your upholstery fibers. After a thorough cleaning of upholstery, we dry it so that no moisture is left behind in the fabric.

        If you want to thoroughly clean a 3 piece suite. It’ll take between 2 to 3 hours depending on the level of soiling and amount of loose cushions.

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